The Experimental Acoustic Research Studio (EARS) at the University of California , Riverside is dedicated to the advancement of new multi-disciplinary approaches to digital music and new media. Composers, performers, researchers, students, and media artists will work together to develop new strategies for art, research, and education. Founded on an experimental and interdisciplinary approach, EARS is committed to facilitating the development of new art forms and performance modalities that arise out of ever-evolving digital technologies.

EARS will provide a unique modular environment that is adaptable to suit a truly diverse variety of multi-disciplinary projects, and will house three state-of-the-art studios in a 3,000 sq./ft. facility.

Research Interests
Composition, Sensors, Complex Spatialization, Real-Time Controllers, Signal Processing, Digital Recording and Editing, Musical Acoustics, Psychoacoustics, Computer-Assisted Analysis, Audio Networking, new performance modalities.

Floor Plan

The main studio will contain 28 discreet monitors (and 8 subwoofers) mounted on a standing truss. EARS will contain flexible visual projection capabilities, allowing the studio to serve as an experimental space for complex spatialization, multimedia composition, post-production, performances, installations, teaching and more. The audio and visual configuration will be modular and will change to fit the needs of each project.

The smaller studios will consist of two 7.1 production/listening rooms. Small lab sections and other classes will be held in these smaller studios. Because EARS maintains a completely modular approach, any equipment in any of the three studios is designed to be re-configured to explore and create an incredible variety of performance and installation opportunities.