EARS at The Watkins Society Program & Luncheon on April 15, 2009

EARS will present our vision and goals while providing musical demonstrations to the Watkins Society at the Alumni & Visitors Center and the Chancellor's residence.

EARS would like to thank the Watkins Society, as well as Cecilia Soriano and Tony Truong from the office of Gift Planning for inviting us to present.

For more information, and to learn how you may support the Experimental Acoustic Research Studio at UCR, please contact: Jason Heath, Associate Director,

Freshman Discovery Seminar Fall 2009

"Sound and Space in Electroacoustic and Digital Music"

Professor Paulo C. Chagas

This seminar offers a unique 8-channel immersive environment to experience music and "sound space." The students will sit in a room surrounded by 8 speakers and listen to music which unfolds new aspects of sound composition, expanding the listening experience beyond the CD and DVD.

Space has always been an important issue in musical performance since the Middle Ages (i.e. Gothic Cathedrals). Ever since music had been reproduced by multi-channel tape recorders, the element of space has become a parameter of composition alongside melody, harmony, rhythm, timbre, etc. Composers started to explore the spatial dimensions of sound in terms of movement, speed, direction, etc. Digital technology continues to expand the compositional control of sound and space.

This seminar focus on a specific work composed between 1950 and today. Students will explore and discuss the main features of the composition and its historical context. Immersed in the 8-channel sound space they will discover fascinating works and develop a new understanding of contemporary music.