Developing EARS infrastructure

Raising funds

Through support from UCR, EARS will have the infrastructure to begin educational programming this coming Fall, 2009.

While EARS enjoys strong support from the University of California , Riverside , many more resources will be necessary for EARS to maximize its impact and realize its full potential. For this we need your support.

Please contact us to discover how you may become more involved with the Experimental Acoustic Research Studio. Create a new e-mail account for EARS. Please contact Jason Heath, Associate Director,

Audiovisual composition and performance:

Developing collaborative and interdisciplinary work in digital art

Major project activities

The convergence of sound and image is a significant aspect of artistic creation in our society shaped by digital technology. New fields of creative endeavor are emerging through this connection, and artists need to develop a better understanding of both sound and image in order to explore and exploit the resources these new developments offer.

This project embraces the idea that we need new platforms for collaboration in bringing together composers and visual artists. The University of California at Riverside (UCR) is making a concerted effort to promote interaction between digital sound, music, and art. For this purpose, it created the Experimental Acoustic Research Studio (EARS), a state-of-the-art facility that features three well-equipped studios, including a large studio that can host concerts, hold installations, and present audiovisual works and multimedia performances.


The project proposes a new kind of architecture of collaboration that addresses two main challenges faced by contemporary artists:

  1. To work in a state-of-the-art environment for producing sound, music, and digital art.
  2. To establish a network of relationships for developing collaborative work and professional connections.
Additionally, the project aims to have a beneficial cultural impact on the Inland Empire. Our evolving vision for new media includes educating young composers and artists, as well as promoting cutting-edge research. We also intend to build bridges for future collaboration with the Southern California entertainment and film industry.

Visions of the future

Call for new works:

EARS is currently calling for submissions of new audio or video works of short duration (:30-1:00) that will celebrate the mission of EARS. Selected works will be posted on the EARS website. After reviewing the mission and goals of EARS, create your new work that relates in some way to your personal vision for EARS. Initially works should be submitted as mp3's or compressed video. All submissions are due by June, 15, 2009.

For more information, and to submit your work, please contact:
Jason Heath, Associate Director,
Please include in the subject "EARS New Works"