Jack Adams| President

Jack is a fourth-year student in the UC Riverside School of Business with a major concentration in accounting. While Jack has ambitious goals in mind for his future career, he also sees an infinite array of opportunities for the EARS Student Group despite being stuck at home during a global pandemic. Jack has been involved with music since he was old enough to pick up an instrument. He was an alto saxophone player in the San Bernardino County Honor Band at age 12, won multiple talent shows for songwriting and artistic performance,  managed and operated live musical venues, was a music director for a catholic church, started two music clubs at his community college, released an album in 2019, and currently works as a music label manager for EOI Records. While the EARS Student Group welcomes UCR Students of all mediums, Jack has made it his mission as president of the EARS Student Group to integrate both the students within the schools of business and music to work together in conducting research collaborating on projects and developing definite career goals as future professionals at the University of California Riverside.

Cameren Diaz

Cameren Diaz | Vice President

Cameren is a third year at UC Riverside as a music performance major. She plays the saxophone and has a passion for singing. While being the VP of the EARS Student Group, she is also the president of the acapella group at UCR, Not So Sharp. She enjoys songwriting and is on her way to learning how to produce, mix, and master music digitally. Besides music and production, Cameren likes reading (fantasy and teen lit are her favorite genres); playing easy, no-skill video games; and re-watching Haikyuu!! and other animes.


Cameron Westmoreland | Secretary

Cameron is a composer and a Jazz Saxophonist. While going on to be a fourth-year Music Composition major at UCR, he has been a member of the EARS Student Group for a while now and is officially taking an officer position as the 2020-2021 Secretary. Cameron dabbles in writing music in many genres from jazz to classical, contemporary to electronic, and many more. While also being a musician he enjoys playing video games from Minecraft to GTAV, and all the music that goes along with these games.


David Truong | Treasurer

David is a music major in his second year at UC Riverside. being an active member of the EARS Student group during his first year, he decided to apply for an officer position, becoming the treasurer of EARS Student Group for the 2020-2021 school year. David enjoys many genres of music including EDM, rap, rock, j-pop, indie, and many more that have all led him to pursue music production. Although he is still new to production, he has many years ahead of him with much to learn.