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Entrepreneurship and Startups

In Winter 2018, the EARS team – Paulo C. Chagas and Ethan Castro – participated in Phase I and Phase II of “I-Corps Startup for Innovators” an NSF funded program directed by UCR Office of Technology Partnerships. EARS’s project titled “EARS Songwriting Camps”—was awarded $3,000. The money was expended for supporting two songwriting camps with UCR students and artists from Southern California working collaboratively on producing songs.

In Spring 2019, EARS Student Group received a $1,000 sponsorship from the UCR Office of Technology Partnerships for entrepreneurial activities.

Students from the EARS Student Group have gone on to startup their own studio, using the learning from the I-CORPS program to refine and hone their business model in the music production and music engineering space:

I-Corps Startups for Innovators
(Left to Right) Aaron Chapple, Ethan Castro, Jessica Bradley at their new EDGE Studio held within the heart of Riverside Studios